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10 Wedding Hairstyles for your Destination Wedding

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Whether you’ve envisioned your ideal wedding hairstyle or it’s the last thing you’ve thought of, choosing the perfect look can be a challenge if tying the knot overseas. From breeze-factor to humidity, there’s a few pesky things to consider. Looking for ideas? We’ve gathered ten of our favourite styles from real weddings to get you inspired!

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A wavy up-do for a seaside wedding

Easy, breezy, beautiful. A wavy up-do is comfortable to wear and looks beautiful for any seaside ceremony.

See the rest of Tracey and James’ seaside wedding gallery. 


Braided into a low bun for a tropical wedding

Effortless? Tick. Boho? Tick. Perfect for avoiding humidity at your tropical wedding? Double tick!

See the rest of Maz and Jason’s tropical wedding gallery. 


Pinned back, wavy hair for a garden wedding

You want to feel relaxed but avoid having hair stick to your lipstick thanks to an ill-timed breeze – pin back the fringe and go for loose beach waves for the rest.

See the rest of Amanda and Wade’s beautiful garden wedding.  


Loose fishtail braid with dainty flower crown

This bride’s effortless look is beach wedding goals. The tussled, effortless hairstyle teamed with a delicate flower-crown is the perfect choice for a sunset ceremony on the sand. Also, we’re just the right amount of mermaid vibes from that braid!

See the rest of Tahlia and Rick’s beach wedding ceremony. 


Curls with a flower accent for a tropical beach wedding

Saying “I do” on the shores of a tropical beach setting? Try free-flowing curls with a flower accent for a sweet nod to your chosen setting.

See the rest of Alex and Viktoria’s tropical beach wedding. 


Bright flower crown and waves for a woodland wedding

If funky, bright and fun is your kind of thing, a vibrant flower-crown could be the accessory for you. Keep it simple by accompanying the florals with loose waves.

See the rest of Asha and Dylan’s woodland wedding. 


Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle

The classic half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle is a classic for a reason – it’s timeless. A fabulous choice for brides wanting to skip all the fuss, it’s an elegant and sophisticated look that’s all kinds of lovely.

See the rest of Renee and Ryan’s wedding.  


Sophisticated high bun for a beach wedding

There’s nothing worse than hair blowing into your face when you’re trying to exchange vows with your sweetheart. Skip all of the fuss and choose a sleek, glamorous bun for your beach wedding.

See the rest of Jenny and Ryan’s beach wedding here. 



One-sided waves for a lush Bali wedding

Pinning your hair and letting it fall to one side gives you all of the stylish wedding feels without losing any of the comfort that comes with literally letting your hair down.

See the rest of Emma and Shaun’s lush Bali wedding. 


Loose braid and a minimal crown

A great way to keep hair out of the way, this look will make you feel like a bohemian princess. Opt for a posse, tussled braid with a thin wreath made from fine vines or leaves.

See the rest of Helen and Nick’s destination wedding. 


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