Destination Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses

The Best Bridesmaids Dresses for your Destination Wedding

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Options are endless when it comes to choosing bridesmaids dresses. If you’re heading overseas, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the choice that comes with choosing the best combinations to suit your besties in a destination wedding location. Whether you want everyone to match perfectly or give your bride tribe the freedom to pick whatever they like, we’ve got some of the trendiest bridesmaid dress combinations for this wedding season.

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The same-same: Identical Bridesmaids 

Identical bridesmaids dresses are a beautiful way of tying in your ideal wedding colour palette  and making it clear who the wedding party is to guests and photographers. This is definitely your best bet if you want to guarantee a specific ‘look’ and style of dresses and avoid any last minute surprises.

The same-same but different: Same dress colour in different tones

Using the same dress colour in different tones caters for bridal parties looking for a little bit of contrast between bridesmaids and provides more options for bridesmaids adamant that your ideal colour doesn’t suit them. Different colours can be chosen to enhance different skin tones, personal style and comfortability for your bridesmaids. Score! 

The Colour-Co Ordinated: same colour with different styles

Using one dress colour in a range of different styles is perfect for a bridal party looking to enhance their individual body types and ensure confidence and comfortability on the special day. This way, every bridesmaid can love what they are wearing and feel positive about the style of their own dress.

Tonal harmony: Muted, pastels, brights

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Muted colours, pastels and brights are just a few examples of how bridal parties can tie their looks together with a modern twist. These definitely look their best when co-ordinated with the flower bouquets and the overall style of the wedding.

Mismatched: lengths, styles, colours and patterns galore! 

This option is best for brides who want to rest assured that everyone will feel 100% comfortable and themselves on the special day. The options of different lengths, colours, patterns and styles are endless and will leave the bridal party feeling fabulous and looking like a dream.

Any of these options (or a special combination of your own) will be perfect on your wedding day and leave you and your bride tribe feeling fab! Check out our top 10 designer dresses for more inspiration for your special look.


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