Be inspired: 10 Wedding dress styles perfect for your beach ceremony!

The dress; possibly one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding, however many believe a beach ceremony holds some limitations when it comes to the gown. But it’s nothing that can’t be overcome with some forethought, a good designer and a touch of creativity. Be inspired by the latest in bridal fashion trends, […]

The dress; possibly one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding, however many believe a beach ceremony holds some limitations when it comes to the gown. But it’s nothing that can’t be overcome with some forethought, a good designer and a touch of creativity. Be inspired by the latest in bridal fashion trends, with each design as perfect as the next for your upcoming nuptials.


Alive and well

Some say the art of couture is dead, well I’m here to tell you you’re very wrong. There are some amazing couturiers out there, you just need to know where to look! These designers often have decades of experience and copious amounts of creativity that’s ready to be unleashed. Nothing could be more special then walking down the aisle in a dress designed and made especially for you.

Recreate the look:

Expect perfection and pizazz when you work with Pina Fiorenza. The couturier will custom make your wedding gown with only you and your vision in mind. Your personality, style and natural beauty will shine through.



Bejeweled beauty

Feel as though you’ve just stepped out of a jewellery box with styled gowns draped in pearls and covered in delicate crystal chains. You couldn’t look more stunning as your dress catches the natural light as you walk down the soft sand to your husband-to-be.

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Anna Campbell encompasses true romance with her beautifully designed collection, Spirit. Anna’s aim is to enhance a brides beauty with her hand sewn sparkling creations.


A timeless treasure

Classic is the golden word when it comes to bridal gowns. And understandably so, every bride wants to look back at her photographs and feel she choose the right dress. Keep it classic with soft draping, french lace and fitted bodices.

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Creating timeless pieces takes skill and true craftsmanship. Anne Bertossi, designer at Paddington Weddings Bertossi Brides prides herself on keeping the true meaning of couture alive. Each design highlights the female form and proves elegance is still very much alive in this modern age.


Real rhythm

Be inspired by movement and layers as tiered styles combine a sense of edge mixed with pure sophistication. Feel as though you are walking the runway, as these styles will turn heads!

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With a distinct ‘cool factor’ Houghton NYC oozes luxury. Designer Katharine Polk is constantly pushing boundaries and making us rethink tradition. The label’s Spring Summer 2017 collection couldn’t be more perfect for you and your bridesmaids, with a stunning palette of blush pinks, creams and dove greys.


Times are a changing

Take note! No longer is lace considered old-fashioned or dull. Choosing the fabrication couldn’t be more on-point. Romantic, chic and sexy; a lace dress encompasses everything you want from a wedding dress and more.

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Australian label Grace Loves lace, live, breathe and dream of… lace! Never boring, every design has a unique twist, whether it be a low back, two piece design or a sheer bohemian overlay. It’s safe to say you’ll be dying to wear this dress again!


Everlasting elegance

Be transported to the cinematic golden age, where elegance was famed and tailoring rewarded. This ‘trend’ is eternal. It’s is about fit, quality and line. In the words of Audrey Hepburn “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

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Elegance, simplicity and craftsmanship embody Lela Rose‘s self titled label. The designer just gets it right, proving that once again art and fashion merge beautifully. You couldn’t possibly go wrong wearing a Lela Rose gown down the aisle.


Short and sophisticated

Boycott tradition and wear something a little more comfortable for the relaxed beach setting. Keep it short! There are some amazing styles that embody everything that you’d expect and more from a wedding gown, just with a twist.

Recreate the look:

You couldn’t possibly go wrong wearing a design that comes from one of the most well respected fashion houses in the world, Oscar de la Renta. The label’s Spring Summer 2017 collection is exquisite. And some of the standout pieces are in-fact the shorter designs. Celebrated for their wearability each piece is a triumph, featuring feathers, pearls, lace and boning. A perfect dress made for your perfect day.


In line

A wedding dress doesn’t need to be over-embellished to fit the standard requirements of a wedding gown. Stick to simplicity. Choose a design honours drape, line and the female form and you can’t go wrong!

Recreate the look:

Suzanne Harward’s Neo-Victorian collection is a true testament to the design principles, with a strong focus on shape and line, all fabrics are of the highest quality and sourced from around the world. The soft flowing fabrics will move beautifully as you make your way past your friends and family to your husband-to-be.


Golden sands

Who said you need to wear white! Mix it up, if there was ever a day to make a statement it’s on your wedding day. Be inspired by the beach’s golden sands and capture the full attention of your guests when you walk down the aisle wearing something truly inspired.

Recreate the look:

Turning tradition on it’s head, One Day Bridal are a creative force designing stunning pieces that ooze personality. Their Spring 2016 collection titled Blessed are the Curious, focuses on colour and texture. If you’re after something unique and a little daring head no further!


Feature V

Forgo the sweetheart neckline and embrace the V-neck. The style is perfect for a fuller bust and also helps to elongate the torso and frame your face. Thinking of wearing your hair up? Why not try a feature back. A V-back can be as classic or as sexy as you want. Don’t be afraid to try something different, you might just surprise yourself!

Recreate the look:

Culture Queen Luci Di Bella is inspired by the arts, believing fashion, music and art are completely entwined in the creative process. Based in Melbourne Australia, the fashion designer travels to Europe every year to research and source high quality fabrications used in her collections. Luci Di Bella aims to capture your love and personality in each design. Making Luci the perfect fit for your special day.


Check List:
Shopping for your wedding dress can be an exciting and overwhelming experience, so we’ve put together a quick check list for you! Don’t forget to think back to these before saying ‘yes to the dress’.

  •  Think about the material. Do not and I repeat, do not buy synthetic if you plan on being out in the hot sun all day. This is for your own comfort. This goes for the lining also! Unless you are getting married in the middle of winter, it’s safe to say the unbreathable fabric will make you sweat and come photos, you won’t be feeling too fresh.
  • Keep it light, long trains and veils might end up becoming a little heavy and a possible tripping hazard in the natural setting.
  • You don’t need to forgo high fashion when getting married by the beach! Tailored styles such as fishtails, short 40s inspired dresses and tiered skirting should not be forgotten!
  • Keep it flat. Despite our love of heels, a beach ceremony isn’t the place. Why not take a spare pair of heels for the reception and for the photos taken on solid ground.
  • Lastly, make yourself happy! It’s lovely that your friends and family adore you in a style, but if you’re not completely in-love that is ok. Your wedding dress isn’t something that you should not settle on, so keep on trying!

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