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Discover the finest wedding venues set against the stunning backdrop of the Maldives. 

The Maldives is renowned for its pristine beaches and boasts 1,190 breathtaking islands, most of which remain untouched, scattered across the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. 

With its crystal-clear lagoons and luxurious retreats, this exotic paradise is tailor-made for romance, offering an unparalleled escape from reality – the perfect backdrop for any dream destination wedding! Imagine the magic of exchanging your vows in one of the most enchanting locations in the world, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

While the Maldives is a coveted destination for beach weddings, it’s essential to note that weddings held there hold only ceremonial significance, as legal marriages are not permitted for tourists. However, couples can easily circumvent this limitation by arranging a civil ceremony in their home country before embarking on a journey to enjoy the most incredible wedding in this idyllic paradise. Here, couples can capture wedding moments (imagine the photographs!) that defy imagination!

Start planning the destination wedding you’ve always dreamed of by browsing through our carefully curated library of the best places to get married in the Maldives. You can find the list below. 

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