Planning a beach wedding

Top Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding

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Whether at a destination or close to home, beach weddings are the ultimate setting for a relaxed, romantic and effortless day. However, pulling off a flawless event can prove difficult when you consider all of the details, weather conditions and styles involved.  If you are planning on saying your nuptials by the sea, here are some top tips to make everything run a little bit more smoothly!

1. Plan ahead

This is without a doubt the most important aspect of a beach wedding! All of the regular details still need to be considered and organised, but you mustn’t forget the challenges that beach weddings can bring. Will you get married on a private or public beach? What ceremony time will photograph in the best light? Are there any rules or regulations for getting married on a beach?  The list goes on and on and can often be overwhelming amongst everything else.

The easiest solution for this is to hire a wedding planner who specialises in beach weddings or to get married at a destination beach resort. Although these options are more costly than organising everything yourself, you will save lots of time, effort and stress and rest assured that every detail for your day has been considered.

2. Great winds, hot weather and high tides

If you have a planner, the wind, weather and tides are definitely aspects that they should be on top of. However it will be beneficial if you are also in the know about how mother nature could effect your wedding day.

Wind, in small amounts, is beautiful on a wedding day and in wedding photos. The chances of this on a beach are significant but you should have a plan just in case a beautiful beachside breeze turns into a downright windstorm. Make sure there is some kind of microphone system in place so that your guests can always hear the ceremony and consider putting rugs underneath the seating area to prevent sand from blowing up onto your guests.

It is also best to remind everyone to wear a 50+ sunscreen and sun protection to avoid bright red faces come reception time and ensure that everyone leaves feeling great about the day.

Tides are an obvious, but often forgotten part of beach weddings. Always check the expected tides in your location on your date and be willing to adapt if there are certain weather conditions or high tides that are affecting your ideal spot on the beach. It is also important to make sure everything is running on time to avoid the ocean from creeping up on your ceremony spot!

3. Dress for the occasion

You: Whilst huge gowns with full skirts and long trains can make beautiful dresses for weddings, they simply aren’t practical in a beach setting. It is best to ensure that the dress style, fabric, veil and length of your dress fit your style as well as the practicality for a beach wedding. If you do want to opt for a more dramatic dress, ensure that it is made of a light fabric to allow movement and comfort on the day. See our destination wedding dress guide for more ideas or check out our bohemian wedding style file for some boho inspo.

Your guests: You might be fully organised for the big day, but you also need to make sure that your guests are! Unlike a traditional countryside or church wedding, they will have to account for a bit of a breeze, optional or sand-friendly footwear and sun protection of every kind.

4. Back up Plan

Unfortunately, the weather has a mind of it’s own and can often alter the plans of a relaxed beach wedding. Definitely prepare a back up plan in case the rain hits or the winds are too strong and be willing to compromise if the sun disappears just before you wed. Having a solid plan in place that you are also happy with will prevent you from stressing out and give you peace-of-mind in the upcoming weeks.

See our Ultimate Beach Wedding Guide for more tips, inspiration and ideas for planning your picture-perfect destination wedding or check out some of the Amazing Locations for a Tropical Destination Wedding. 

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