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Theme Ideas : Beach/Tropical Wedding

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A romantic beach wedding offers the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living and relax in a sunny place with your friends and family. The outdoor location is perfect for a laid-back day, with soft sands and blue skies making a glorious backdrop for your photos, plus your guests will have somewhere fun and scenic to spend their time between the ceremony and the reception. Relaxed, flowing dresses and opulent fishtail gowns both work well for a beach wedding – and you can ditch the heels for pretty sandals or even bare feet. Finally, a beach wedding provides an instant honeymoon option!

Would best suit …
Beach weddings are perfect for fuss-free couples, nautical enthusiasts, beach babes and those looking for a ‘destination wedding’ feel, especially in the tropics.


At a summer beach ceremony, ensure your guests (especially older ones) are taken care of with seating, shade and supplies like water bottles. Carry the beachy feel from the ceremony to the reception by decorating tables with glass jars fi lled with shells and vases of flowers anchored with sand. The natural surroundings call for a clean colour palette with white as base and pink or blue as an accent. Think white-washed chairs, white or cream flowers, and tea candles or lanterns. If you’re a dedicated water baby, think about hiring a boat for your arrival or enquire about booking a part of the pier for pre-reception drinks for your guests.

Double Check
Unpredictable weather, like rain and strong winds, can be the trickiest aspect of organising a beach wedding so be sure to have a back-up plan. Think about nearby parks that offer shelter or check with your venue about their wet weather ceremony options. Ensure you have best contacts for all your guests to alert them to any last minute venue changes. If you’re planning a sunset wedding, timing is everything so work closely with your celebrant and photographer to ensure you make the most of those precious minutes.

Need to know
Most beaches will require a permit so contact the local council to make sure you have all the documentation. You should also check to make sure there are no big events being held on the same day as your wedding – like a triathlon! And don’t forget that beaches are public places, so you might have a few spectators on the day.

Check list
Access: Older guests in particular will appreciate an easy walk to your ceremony site.
Sun care: If your ceremony is going to be in the full glare of the sun, parasols are a fashionable alternative to hair-destroying hats and pretty fans will help keep guests cool.

Final touches
A sand ceremony can add colour to the formalities of the day. Both the bride and groom and members of their families can pour vials of coloured sand from the beach into a slender glass vase to signify the joining of the two families.

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