guests comfortable and entertained

Keep Your Wedding Guests Comfortable and Entertained

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guests comfortable and entertained

How to keep your guests comfortable and entertained, from arrival to departure at your destination wedding.

Whether your wedding is a short drive away, an interstate flight or a long-haul international trek, it’s always nice to welcome your guests. Arrange a private car or mini van for their arrival and shuttle to the hotel, preferably with you on board if you can spare the time. Have a welcome drink ready at the hotel and maybe some nice cold towels if your locale is warm.

Welcome Bag Tip
Choose treats appropriate to your destination but don’t put a strain on your guests’ baggage allowance with heavy or cumbersome items. Try a custom luggage tag, cute framed photo, flip-flops or a luxe pashmina, with a snack (local if you can get it) thrown in.

Easy Does It
Jet-lagged guests may not be up to a formal sit-down dinner so why not schedule a casual lunch on the first or second day instead.

guests comfortable and entertained

Help your guests to meet and greet before the big day with a fun table game, beach cricket, cooking classes or yoga. Organise a signature cocktail, it’s a nice talking point and a chance to personalise your day.

This goes for you and your guests. Don’t schedule too many early starts and maybe factor in an afternoon break so guests can recoup and refresh before dinner. Make it clear that activities are optional and try for a few events rather than one big one (you already have your wedding day).

On Your Return
All those guests who couldn’t make your wedding are sure to want to catch up with you on your return – and see some photos! Either organise a casual picnic or barbeque or a get together at your house so you can show a highlights video or photo reel.

guests comfortable and entertained

Your Favourite Ideas For Keeping Guests Entertained
Plan some group activities both before and after your wedding so guests can get to know each other and reminisce afterwards. From girls pamper days, boys fishing trips, sunset cruises and day trips, there are endless activities to choose from.
Vanessa, I Do Events Whitsundays

Try a pre-wedding welcome dinner; a day at the pool; spa days for the ladies (we can do this in a private villa); shopping trips; golfing trips for the guys; or river rafting.
– Katrina Simorangkir, Bali Weddings International

Arrange a canapé and/or beverage package for your guests for the time you’re away on your photo tour (post-ceremony / pre-reception).We offer complimentary use of our sound system for CD/iPod containing the couple’s favourite music to enhance the atmosphere on the wedding day. On other days: make use of in-house booking facilities to see what Airlie and the Whitsundays have on offer. Pre-book in advance as there is often great deals.
Lauren Wilson, Coral Sea Resort 


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