11 Ideas for Your Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

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A welcome bag is a perfect way of, well, welcoming guests and introducing them to your dream destination. Gifting friends and family a personalised swag of goodies on arrival will show your appreciation — and help everyone get in the swing of coming events.

Stumped on what to include? If you’re wondering what to pack in your destination wedding welcome bag, here are some easy options. Some practical, some just for fun!

And, if you’ve already got welcome bags in the bag … check out how to keep your guests comfortable and entertained throughout your destination wedding.

1. Include key contact info

This is an essential addition, especially for older guests who might like a ‘hard copy’ of key contact phone numbers and addresses. Include local transport options here too, such as taxis and buses.


2. Stash a schedule

Keep everyone in the loop by including a clear itinerary. Be sure to specify if some events are optional and whether guests need to RSVP.


3. Guide your guests

Another handy addition is a map highlighting your wedding venue as well as nearby tourist attractions, beaches, cafes, and restaurants.


4. Pack a snack

Now for some fun stuff! Keep energy levels up with a snack or two. Bonus points if it’s locally made chocolate or fruit grown in the area.
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5. Make it mini

Keep it small but special with mini bottles of bubbly or whiskey or tiny jars of sweets.

6. Include a local touch

Curate the perfect wedding welcome bag with something from your destination. Think locally made tea or olive oil, a luxe beach towel, or a colourful sarong.

7. Pop in something practical

This could include hand sanitiser and mints. Or think paper fans, sunblock, and mosquito repellent for tropical celebrations.

8. Add a personal note

A heartfelt message of thanks is always appreciated. This can be handwritten or printed out to match your wedding stationery.

9. Consider a hangover kit (just in case!)

Planning to party into the wee hours? Guests will thank you later for Panadol, sleep masks, and extra bottled water in their welcome bags! Read our complete guide to curating a Hangover Wedding Favour bag here.


10. Remember a reusable bag

Bring everything together in a stylish personalised tote or woven beach bag. If you want to keep it simple, choose a paper bag that can be recycled.

11. Make it travel friendly

Whatever you decide to include in your destination wedding welcome bag, make sure it can be enjoyed immediately or is plane-friendly and easy to pack.

As you plan your destination wedding, crafting thoughtful guest wedding bags becomes a lovely way to express gratitude to those sharing in your celebration. Each carefully chosen item in these bags serves a practical purpose and reflects your consideration for the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. As your guests discover the contents of their bags, may they feel your genuine appreciation for their presence, setting the tone for a joyous and memorable destination wedding experience everybody will never forget.

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