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What to wear to a beach wedding

In Fashion & Beauty by Ande Tongco

Whether you’re a VIP guest, part of the wedding party or a special plus-one, sometimes it can be difficult to decide the appropriate outfit for a beach wedding. Regardless of if you’re keeping it casual or going all-out, remember to choose something respectful of the occasion and wear shoes that won’t get stuck in the sand! Seeking ideas? We’ve curated some of our top picks and tips for what to wear as beach wedding attire…

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  1. Keep it flowy
Flowy materials are a guaranteed must-have for beach weddings – they’re the perfect way to keep you nice and cool without skimping on style. Our opinion? Pants, jumpsuits or long dresses are the way to go to avoid any windy mishaps.
beach wedding guest flowy
2. Simplicity is key
Keep it simple with one or two effortless pieces. Avoid anything too tight, confusing to do up or difficult to walk in so you can spend the entire day being relaxed and focusing on the amazing couple!
beach wedding dress
3. Colour palette
A warm colour palette or floral pattern is a perfect combination that often complements the destination.
4. Accessorise!
Top your outfit off using sunglasses, hats and jewellery to your taste! Bonus points for anything that keeps you a little extra sun-safe.