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Groom and Groomsmen Fashion: Updates on the classic look

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When it comes to wedding fashion you might assume that brides get to have all the fun. Whilst they are definitely spoilt for choice to find the perfect gown, hair, makeup and accessories- grooms can certainly add their own spin on an outfit as well! Destination weddings give the bride and groom an opportunity to take more fashion risks and expand their horizons past the traditional wedding outfits. Read on for a run down of the different ways that a groom can add a little (or a lot) of personality to his formal attire.

The Classic Uniform

Before jumping in, it’s important to give a break down of the classic and most common wedding fashion for groomsmen.

Grooms will need:

  • 1 white button up shirt
  • 1 black or navy suit, depending on the style of the wedding and the groom
  • Choice of a bowtie or tie, often in a similar colour tone to the suit
  • A boutonniere (simple, a fancy word for a flower pinned to the button hole on the left hand side of the suit jacket) OR 1 pocket square
  • Smart shoes
  • Socks! Please, please, don’t forget socks. It’s going to be a long day.

Groom fashionThe Change Up

For grooms that like the classic look, but want to add a spark of their own personality…

The funky bowtie:

Swapping a traditional coloured tie or bow tie out for something with a little more glamour is probably the easiest and most cost effective way to do this. There is a huge variety of bowtie options including different styles, colours and textures that will definitely give your groom a range of options. We. Love. Velvet.

Groom fashion

A patterned pocket square:

If a funky bowtie is a little too much commitment for the day, a patterned pocket square could be the way to go. This can easily be taken out or replaced with a classic-coloured one during photo-sessions without much fuss, saving any photo-regret (especially when a leopard print pocket squares doesn’t quite make the test of time).

Groom fashion

A specialised boutonniere:

A boutonniere or “fancy-flower-on-the-suit-jacket” is a simple and elegant way to change up a groom’s outfit. Generally, it is best to match these florals with the bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets to co-ordinate everything nicely. However, this doesn’t mean there is no wriggle room! Grooms can definitely choose different tones, colours and types of flowers that stick to a general theme.

Using flowers native to wherever your destination wedding takes place is a wonderful way to incorporate local colours and nature into the day. It’s also a nice idea to have the groom wear a flower that distinguishes him from all of the other groomsmen to let him have his own fashion-forward moment!

Groom fashion

A specialised sock, or two:

If the groom is after an ever-so-subtle spin on tradition, socks that stray from the classic shade of black are the answer you’ve been looking for. Unlike pocket squares, bow ties or boutonnieres, socks don’t have to match anything else in the wedding and can let the groom’s personality shine through. Picking up a couple of pairs of funky matching socks for all of the groomsmen is also the easiest way for a #groomstribe to be born.

Groom fashion

The LOUD Suit

It’s 2018 and patterned suits are in. So if that’s your style, don’t be afraid to go all in and wear whatever you want! Depending on your pattern of choice, custom-made suits might be the way to go to make sure you get exactly what you want and have it fit perfectly. Hot tip: make sure the grooms suit co-ordinates with the brides dress to avoid any pattern-on-pattern run ins. Awkward.

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The Prince Charming

If the dream is to have a destination fairy tale wedding (classic ballgown and all) the groom’s ‘fit should be just as impressive. The ultimate fairy tale attire can include the additions of vests, coat tails, a top hat and even a cane if you want to be super suave. This look is perfect for anyone wanting to have a classy, fairytale destination wedding in Europe or the United Kingdom.

Groom fashion

The Comfort: Beachy Destination Groom

Beach weddings provide the freedom to be more casual, dress in lighter colours and make shoes optional (comfort is KEY). Check out Maz and Jason’s real wedding for some effortless destination  fashion inspo. Tailoring the different fashion options to suit any kind of destination wedding will ensure grooms are comfortable and feel their best on the special day as well!

Groom fashion


Header image: Lanzarote Beach Weddings

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