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The Ultimate Hair and Makeup Tips for a Destination Wedding

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Finding the right hair and makeup artists for destination weddings can be tedious at the best of times. To make everything a little easier, we’ve curated our top tips for booking your hair and makeup for a destination wedding and making that Pinterest perfect inspiration come to life.

Book the venue and pick the date first:

It’s important not to jump the gun and put deposits down on hair and makeup before settling on a final date or venue for your destination wedding. Although the pro on Insta does exactly what you’re looking for, they may not be able to travel to your exact destination on the date you book. Wedding resorts also often offer packages with onsite hair and makeup included that could save you an enormous amount of time and effort in this department.

Research, research, research:

Researching to find the best and most suitable artists to fit your destination wedding is vital in securing the best of the best. Ask your wedding planner, friends, family and anyone you can think of for referrals to get a taste for the different styles and options available. Your venue may also have recommendations of stylists they have worked with before who will be familiar with the set up, important pre-wedding details and timing in that particular location. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of the world wide web! With Instagram, Pinterest and Google at your fingertips it’s easier than ever to look for inspiration photos and book your dream makeup and hair professionals online.

The research doesn’t stop there though! You definitely need to understand the climate, humidity levels, wind, wedding style and longevity needed for your dream hair and makeup choices. Luscious, flowy curls and a dewy look can quickly turn into a frizzy, makeup-less mess if these aspects aren’t considered. If in doubt, talk to your stylists about the temperature and expectations for the day as well as how long the reception will go for and if you need any extra products for touch ups.

Trial it out

Feel free to skip this tip if you’re a pretty easy going bride open to last-minute changes and alterations on your original vision. For everyone else, it is best to try and schedule a run-through a few days before the wedding to ensure that everything is coming together as planned. Destination weddings don’t have the luxury of makeup and hair trials months or weeks in advance and last minute changes will help put your mind at ease for when the big day comes. If you aren’t opting for a trial, definitely send your stylists a range of inspiration photos to give them an exact idea of what you’re looking for on the day.

Pre-wedding prep

Pre-wedding prep is probably one of the most under rated but important parts of any destination wedding hair and makeup.

For skin care, it is best to stick to what you know and not try out the latest-and-greatest peel mask the night before your big day. This will avoid any unwanted breakouts of changes in your skin that could affect the way that makeup sits and lasts. If you’re heading to a more tropical destination climate, don’t forget to reapply a high SPF every couple of hours to avoid getting burnt in the days leading up to your wedding. For more makeup tips see how to make your wedding makeup last all day. 

In terms of hair care, definitely get a trim and colour (if necessary) before you head off to your destination wedding. This way, you can visit to your regular salon, trust that everything will turn out the way you would like and avoid any major hair-disasters. Wait until after the wedding to get a fringe, a bob or any other changes that you could come regret in images that will last a lifetime.


Header image: Damien Milan

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