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13 brides give their wedding advice

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While reading guides and articles on destination weddings is helpful in planning your big day, sometimes you just need a bit of real talk. Here are 13 ladies who have tied the knot overseas and their one piece of take-away advice.

wedding advice

Wedding of Katiana & William, photography by Chelsea Abril

1. “Keep it simple. Destination weddings are usually beautiful locations so you don’t need to go all out with the décor. You want to be able to enjoy it and relax!” – Katiana Furey

wedding advice

Wedding of Kristy & Adam, photography by Balipic

2. “Don’t hesitate… just go for it.” – Kristy Palmer

wedding advice

Wedding of Jenny & Ryan, photography by Dominik Vanyi

3. “Hire a wedding planner. Without ours, we would not have found our dream venue or been able to execute our vision.” – Jenny Cuthbertson

wedding advice

Wedding of Kate & Andy, photography by Balipic

4. “Do it! If you want a relaxed and beautiful wedding that is full of great memories and fun, Bali is the place to do it.” – Kate Matheson

wedding advice

Wedding of Kirsty & Blair, photography by Motion Look Bali

5. “Definitely plan to meet with the wedding coordinators in person. It helps you get more of a visual as to what your wedding will look like, especially if there are language barriers. If you have an excellent wedding coordinator like we did, you will not have any issues.” – Kirsty Stevenson

6. “Keep it simple and stress free.” – Brittany Tippett

wedding advice

Wedding of RoseMae & Andrew, photography by Calli B Photography

7. “Be organised as much as you can and try to have a to do list with deadlines. This helped a lot.” – RoseMae Davis

wedding advice

Wedding of Dannielle & Christopher, photography by Stephen Lane Photography

8. “Travel to your destination if possible before your wedding and meet with as many of your suppliers (even on Skype) as you can. We were incredibly lucky to have had so many wonderful and talented people coming together to make our day so special.” – Danielle Raumer

wedding advice

Wedding of Hollee & Ben, photography by Iconic Bride Photography

9. “We would recommend to start planning your wedding well in advance to avoid any potential stressful situations. Definitely utilise a wedding planner or checklist so nothing is left when you head off to start the celebrations.” – Hollee Hornick

wedding advice

Wedding of Cecilia & Ray, photography by Groovy Banana

10. “Listen to the wedding coordinator’s suggestions for your day as they know the region and how things will work at your chosen destination.” – Cecilia Shing

wedding advice

Wedding of Erin & Simon, photography by Image Lab Samoa

11. “Embrace the local culture and remember that your wedding will be unique. Don’t try and create the same feel that you would have in your own country as you have chosen a destination wedding to escape your everyday world. Choose a place that suits your interests and personalities; trust that professional staff (like those at Sinalei) are experts on creating a memorable day.” – Erin Klup

wedding advice

Wedding of Natasha & Bryan, photography by Yoshi Kawai – Ocean Studio Fiji

12. “Give your guests plenty of notice of you plan to marry overseas. Make use of online resources. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Receive the help from a wedding planner, as they will communicate from the vendors. Tailor the wedding to what you and your future spouse want.” – Natasha Pettit

wedding advice

Wedding of Tiffany & Brent, photography by Jenna Tere

13. “Do what you want to do, it’s your wedding. As long as it is reasonably priced, all your favourite friends and family will come with you. You will remember your wedding day and holiday for a life time… and so will everyone else!” – Tiffany Goodwin


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