Real Wedding - Conrad Bali - Tressabel and Yovan - post-ceremony newlywed kiss

Conscious Love – A Sustainable Wedding at Conrad Bali

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your special day more sustainable, take a page out of this beautiful wedding playbook. Tressabel and Yovan brought their vision of an ethical and elegant celebration to life by putting their trust in Conrad Bali — and we couldn’t wait to find out more. Real Wedding - Conrad Bali - Tressabel and Yovan - Newlyweds walking in the venue

Although they first crossed paths in 2003, this couple enjoyed a friendship then a slow-burn romance before the stars finally aligned, and they found themselves on a quiet Bali beach … with a ring. And not just any ring. Yovan had searched high and low for the perfect, conflict-free blue sapphire. “That ring is just one of the reasons why our wedding echoes messages about our longing to make this world just a little bit better and kinder,” says Tressabel. “We call our love, Conscious Love.”

When it came to their dream wedding destination, it was always Bali, a place of great meaning both professionally and personally for the pair. Their concept of a Sustainable Wedding then called for a venue that could deliver on all levels — sublime setting, delicious locally sourced cuisine, and a high level of transparency in everything from flowers to food.

“We wanted our special day to reflect what we believe and needed to know the ins and outs of everything we used,” says Tressabel. “We shared our dream with Conrad Bali … and they got it. In their personalised quote, they did not try to sell us balloon or dove releases, fireworks, or imported flowers. Instead, they offered to use local flowers and arrange them so the used petals could be sent to local spas and gave me information on how they would process plastic and food waste.”

The hotel’s dreamy beachfront location and iconic chapel meant the couple didn’t need to go over the top with decorations either. “The Infinity Chapel is a stunning venue on its own, so simple romantic decor is enough to enhance it,” says Tressabel. The couple’s chic wedding attire was also crafted with care. “Our wedding wardrobe was ethically and meticulously made by Indonesian atelier and regenerative fashion pioneer SukkhaCitta,” says Tressabel, noting the detachable train gives her gown serious re-wear potential.Real Wedding - Conrad Bali - Tressabel and Yovan - post-ceremony - newlyweds walking down the aisle

With Yovan living in Jakarta and Tressabel based in Bali throughout much of the planning stages, the couple was thankful to have their wedding coordinator Look at Me Weddings overseeing every detail. “We were so lucky to have a wedding organiser who seemed to know exactly what we wanted,” says Tressabel. “They never overwhelmed us with too many options. It was as if they had known us for a long time.”

When the big day finally arrived, complete with “blue skies, chirping birds, and loved ones” as the bride describes it, the couple pledged forever with a view of the sea. Being married by a pastor who knows them both personally made the moment all the sweeter. Then it was just a few steps to their glorious reception dinner, hosted on the lawn by the beach.Real Wedding - Conrad Bali - Tressabel and Yovan - reception seats

“We wanted our wedding to be as sustainability-focused as possible and Conrad Bali made it come true on so many levels,” says Tressabel. “We enjoyed locally produced cuisine (top-notch quality!) that our guests are still raving about. Then, a few days later, we were sent a report about how our waste was being processed; by a recycling company, to a farm, livestock owners, and to be used as compost. Although we doubt there were leftovers of the melt-in-your-mouth beef steak and brisket!”

In keeping with their beliefs, the couple also passed on traditional guest gifts in favour of a donation to a local animal shelter, with guests receiving a certificate in their name. And the bride had a final surprise, flipping the script on a popular reception tradition. “My bouquet toss was meant for more than just single girls,” she explains. “I said: “This is for any woman, regardless of status … if your wish is to marry, to have more money, to get out of a toxic relationship, to get a better job … anything!” And guess what? All the women came forward!”

Although they admit “we should have stayed longer!” the newlyweds cherished their extra night at Conrad Bali. “Their honeymoon suite was everything we needed, especially with the private pool facing the ocean,” says Tressabel, who says their belated honeymoon to New York was also unforgettable.

The wave of positive guest feedback has been heartwarming for the couple. “The whole sustainability concept finally made sense and was simple,” says Tressabel. “Many of our friends have called us and said they want to implement some of the ideas in their events.”

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Photography & videography: AVB Media Asia // Ceremony venue: Conrad Bali (Infinity Chapel) // Reception location: Conrad Bali (Infinity Chapel Lawn) // Celebrant: a pastor who knows the couple personally // Bridal gown & after-party dress: Sukkha Citta // Groom’s suit: Sukkha Citta // HMUA: Look at Me Bali Weddings // Flowers : Conrad Bali & Look at Me Bali Weddings // Catering: Conrad Bali // Planner & Cake: Look at Me Bali Weddings // Music: Shivana Entertainment // Master of Ceremony: Bayu Rahanatha

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