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Why you should choose a destination wedding

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At first, a destination wedding may seem out of the question. But if you find yourself overwhelmed as you draft your guest list, penciling in name after name of great aunts, tying the knot overseas surrounded by your loved ones might not seem like such a crazy idea. (And believe us, it’s a gorgeous path to go down.)

Years ago, a wedding away may have been considered a selfish thing to do, but now, it’s much to the contrary. What better gift could you give your nearest and dearest than a mini-holiday and a weekend long party?

A friend of mine recently planned an Italian wedding with her closest family and friends. Upon their return, her mother could not stop raving about how fabulous a destination wedding was! Exploring a foreign country with her family, embracing the culture, and gazing upon all the scenery in the presence of such a wonderful love without a care in the world… it was, she believed, something everyone had to experience.

Planning is key. To ensure a stress-free lead up, lock down your date and venue ASAP and let your guests know. Just as you do, your guests will need to organise time off work, flights and accommodation.

A destination wedding allows you to have even more time with your family and friends. You’ll have the opportunity to spend the days leading up to the big day exploring the city, beach or countryside of your choosing.

Unlike a wedding at home, you can use these days to mingle with your guests and let them know how grateful you are that they made it.


1. No unwanted guests

You won’t be expected to invite acquaintances or distant relatives if your wedding isn’t local. Keep it as intimate as you desire without causing offence.

2. Give your guests a mini-holiday

A holiday can be hard to start planning so give your guests an excuse to book! Not only will they get to share your special day with you, they can have a few days either side to explore on their own.

3. Time

Instead of cramming in conversations with all your guests over a four hour time slot, spend the days leading up to the wedding (and the day after!) catching up and thanking your guests for coming.

4. A hell of a party

What’s better than having your closest family and friends with you, sharing the celebration? Everyone will be on holiday and ready to let their hair down with you.

5. It’s so much fun!

You get to explore the culture and traditions of a place you love with your favourite people.

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