Destination Weddings on a Budget

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Sticking to a destination wedding budget doesn’t have to mean that the day has to look any less expensive. These are some simple tips that will drastically cut down on the heavy price tag that can come with a destination wedding without skimping on any of the good stuff!

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Packages can be hit or miss for the budget limits

Wedding packages can often seem like the one-stop shop for organising destination weddings. With venues, drinks, food and styling included, what’s not to love? The trick here is to check the fine print. Some packages may have a cap on drinks per person or simply not include some of the details you want in your day.

Adding these or altering the original package can be very expensive and leave you wondering why you even picked it in the first place. However,  it’s always worth checking the packages and considering all options just in case. Check out our list of Wedding Planners to help guide you through the process and stick to your budget.

Budget destination wedding Helen & Nick’s Real Bali Wedding

Negotiate for group bookings

If you and your guests are providing a huge booking for a business, whether its airfares, accommodation or even food packages, you should attempt to negotiate a lower deal. After all, your wedding will be giving them a lot of bookings and even a slight discount or free upgrade on a service will be extremely beneficial for you and your guests. There’s no harm in trying!

budget destination weddingKeep the guest list low

Enjoy your destination wedding with only your nearest and dearest. Keeping your guest list low keeps the price tag down and weeds out any unnecessary guests or people you would invite just to be polite. This is the easiest way to curate your guest list without any awkward repercussions and keep your budget low for the entire day.

Be flexible

Being flexible with your date, the details and even the venue of your destination wedding can be extremely beneficial in the long run. Booking a wedding during the off-season could cut your costs in half with cheaper flights, accommodation and venue deals. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on quality and with enough research you’ll be able to find the best deals in off-peak seasons.

Research, research, research

This is possibly the best and easiest tip for budgeting in any destination wedding. Researching all of the different options available and booking them early can save you a huge amount of money. For accommodation be sure to check out Airbnb, hotels and resort packages to find and compare all of the different inclusions in each. Also be sure to book your flights as soon as you find the best deal, the earlier the better!

budget destination weddingWork with what you get

The location of your destination wedding should have a big impact on the types of florals, decorations, styling and settings chosen for your special day. The reason you travel for a destination wedding is to soak up the beauty of the location you are going, so don’t cover it all up with details from back home. Don’t forget to let the natural backdrop do the talking and avoid overspending on extra details that won’t enhance the beauty of your destination wedding location.

Check out some of our other tips to start planning your destination wedding as soon as possible!

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