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Planning the perfect Honeymoon: Five Simple Tips

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Follow these five simple tips for planning your ideal honeymoon, and it will be an experience that dreams are made of!

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1. Set a Honeymoon Budget

It’s true, the honeymoon can be just as expensive as the wedding itself. But if you’re short on funds but big on dreams, there are plenty of destination options that offer affordable accommodation and activities without having to board a plane or put yourself in debt just to eat out every night.

If your budget does extend further, and a more luxury experience can be had either here or abroad, still give careful consideration to where the hidden costs may lie – after all, the more money you can put towards the daily extras like dining out, shopping and sightseeing, the more memories you will be bringing home with you in your new life together.

planning honeymoon tips

2. Choose a honeymoon destination

Do you want an exotic destination where you while away the hours sipping cocktails on the beach and swimming in crystal water, or a more intimate getaway to a vineyard, mountain retreat? Perhaps an adrenalin packed honeymoon on the ski slopes with a chalet and a fireplace to return to each evening is more your style. Or is it a simple camping or touring itinerary that meets both your tastes and budget ideals?

Choosing the right destination for your honeymoon should come down to what you, as a couple, like – but be sure to choose somewhere that offers activities that you will both enjoy together. Look at your individual and mutual tastes, and try to choose a destination that meets the divide for you both. And if it’s an international destination/s you decide upon, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to book the airfares and accommodation, consider the different seasons and how it may affect your travels. Be sure to make copies of all your travel documents and have a valid passport or leave enough time to arrange one (at least 8 weeks!).

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3. Think about how will you book everything

Surf the internet, call travel agencies and collect brochures about the city, country or island that you are wanting to visit, gather as much information as you can and get more than one quote on airfares and accommodation before deciding on the package or deal that’s right for you. And be sure to leave yourself enough time!

We suggest you start planning at least six months ahead of departure, as bookings can fill up quickly at popular destinations depending on the time of year you wish to travel.

4. Packing for your honeymoon

Once you’ve chosen a destination and made your bookings, you should turn your attention to packing. The clothing you will pack will depend entirely upon the season of your chosen destination – obviously you won’t be needing a warm jacket if you’re heading to a tropical island, but you will still need a bikini or bathers in the snow if you want to enjoy that sauna or jacuzzi together at the end of a long day on the slopes!

If you will be flying, you may want to have a shawl or warm wrap handy for those cold airport stopovers and air conditioned long haul flights. Then there are the extras – just because it’s your honeymoon doesn’t mean there won’t be endless hours to be filled with reading good books, giving each other massages (scented massage oil, candles etc), sun bathing and swimming (hat, sunscreen, beach towel), and romantic dinners in beautiful locations (evening dress/trousers etc).

Also think about what medications you should take along with you – particularly if you will be traveling to any country that requires vaccinations or precautions to fight against disease or infections. Don’t forget to pack your camera and battery charger. You’ll be looking back on your honeymoon photos for many happy years to come!

honeymoon planning tips

5. Don’t forget your transport

Make arrangements for transportation to and from the airport if you’ll be flying in to your honeymoon spot, to ensure it’s a smooth entry and exit to your honeymoon. And if you will be staying a while, it may be good idea to book yourself a hire car to get yourself around in and see all the sights and places in your own time, at your own pace.

And finally, make the time to just be with each other. It’s your honeymoon, and this should be a once in a lifetime experience that will bring your closer as a couple and start your married life in a blissful, romantic and relaxing style.

Enjoy yourselves!

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