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What is a Destination Wedding And Why Are They So Popular Now?

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Have you noticed the skyrocketing trend of holiday weddings, also known as destination weddings? Modern couples yearn for experiences beyond the ordinary, straying from traditional norms in their quest for moments that are not merely significant but utterly unforgettable. However, what precisely constitutes a destination wedding? This guide will clarify what they entail, why they’re gaining traction, and how to pull one off yourself.

What is a Destination Wedding?

Destination Wedding Vanuatu

As the term suggests, a destination wedding takes place away from the couple’s hometown, often turning a simple wedding ceremony into an adventurous getaway for both the couple and their guests. These weddings vary widely, from intimate gatherings with close family to extravagant celebrations with a large entourage, each creating unique lasting memories.

Popular destinations such as Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Vanuatu, The Cook Islands, and Europe have become top choices among Australian couples. These locations offer stunning backdrops and the added joy of marrying and honeymooning in a dream destination.

The appeal of destination weddings lies in their flexibility and the array of options they provide. From selecting a picturesque location to enjoying the affordability of such weddings, couples are attracted to crafting memorable experiences. Whether it’s exchanging vows on a sandy beach in Hawaii or amidst the rustic charm of New Zealand, destination weddings offer a plethora of exquisite sights and experiences.

In the following sections, we will delve into how to plan your dream destination wedding, covering everything from costs to unique ideas to ensure your special day is truly unforgettable.

The Allure and Advantages of Destination Weddings

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At the heart of a destination wedding lies the promise of an unforgettable celebration set against breathtaking scenery. It’s more than just a ceremony; it’s an entire experience.

Unique & Memorable Experience: Destination weddings transform the ordinary into the extraordinary for both the couple and their guests. From Bali’s tranquil beaches to Italy’s romantic vineyards, these locations offer a backdrop that captures every moment beautifully. The intimacy of these weddings allows for cherished quality time with loved ones, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Built-in Holiday: What’s lovely about a destination wedding is that it combines celebration with holiday. It’s a chance for guests to bask in the joy of the occasion while enjoying a getaway. Whether it’s exploring the historic ruins of Greece or lounging on the sandy beaches of Fiji, each location offers a holiday experience filled with adventure and cultural immersion.

You Could Save Money! While it may appear that destination weddings are reserved for the elite, they can be surprisingly affordable and offer significant savings.

Contrary to common assumptions, millennials and many others opt for destination weddings not for their extravagance but for their affordability and enjoyment. With an average cost of under $20,000, they often come in well below the national average for traditional weddings in Australia and The United States.

Customisation & Less Stress: Destination weddings allow couples to customise their celebration to reflect their unique love story. The relaxed atmosphere of a destination wedding helps to reduce stress, and many resorts offer on-site wedding planners and a network of the best local wedding vendors to ensure every aspect of the event is taken care of. Couples have limitless options, from incorporating local customs to selecting a date that works for everyone.

Choosing the Perfect Destination Wedding Location

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In the quest for the perfect destination wedding venue, exotic locales like Bali, Fiji, and Thailand beckon with promises of adventure, romance, and unforgettable memories. However, selecting the ideal spot involves more than just dreaming of sandy beaches or historical sites. Here’s how to make that crucial decision:

Venue Selection:

Decide between a family-friendly or adults-only affair, considering the comfort and accessibility for all guests—Utilise resources like this website’s destination wedding venue library and Pinterest for venue inspiration. Read stories from couples who have married there.

Planning and Organisation Tips

Embarking on the adventure of planning a destination wedding requires a blend of organisation and creativity. Here are some essential tips to ensure your journey to your dream wedding is smooth sailing:

Prioritise Significance and Accessibility:

Choose destinations that hold personal significance or offer an intriguing experience. Consider popular destinations such as Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, and Hawaii, ensuring they are accessible and convenient for guests.

Seasons and Logistics:

Select a date that balances ideal weather conditions with off-peak travel convenience.

Consider Your Guest List:

destination wedding guest list reception

Determining the guest list is one crucial step that stands out when planning your destination wedding location and venue. While this task may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Ready to dive in? We’ve gathered some helpful tips to streamline getting your destination wedding guest list sorted!

Begin by considering these aspects to ensure that your destination wedding reflects your personality and is an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Note: We have a VERY comprehensive guide to planning a destination wedding here, which goes into great detail!

Legalities: Country-Specific Requirements:

marriage certificate eloping overseas legal

Every country has unique legal prerequisites for marriage, ranging from residency requirements to pre-wedding blood tests. It’s essential to research and understand the specific regulations of your chosen destination well in advance. Our vast library of wedding legality guides is ready to help you navigate the various requirements depending on where you plan to marry.

In the whirlwind of excitement surrounding planning a destination wedding, it’s essential not to overlook a seemingly obvious detail: check the validity of your and your fiancĂ©’s passports early on. Ensure they remain valid for at least six months beyond your wedding date. Additionally, proactively acquire necessary visas for you and your guests to avoid last-minute travel complications.

Consider having a legal ceremony in Australia before or after your wedding if you are marrying in a locale such as The Maldives, where weddings are not legally binding.

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