The Role and Responsibilities of a Master of Ceremonies

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Finding the right person to be the Master of Ceremonies (also called the MC or emcee) at your wedding is crucial to the reception party running smoothly. Finding a close friend or family member who knows you and your guests is ideal, as it will make your wedding reception feel more personal. Before deciding who to ask, you’ll want to understand what the role actually entails. This guide helps you do just that — and is the perfect article to share with your chosen MC when they accept!

Tip: You could even share the role, allowing both circles of friends and family to have someone they can relate to as an MC. 

What is the role of a Master of Ceremonies?
The Master of Ceremonies at a wedding helps everything run smoothly. The MC is responsible for introducing the bride and groom when they arrive, announcing the speeches, informing guests when it’s time to say goodbye to the newlyweds, and introducing the cutting of the cake. They also liaise with the function coordinator and reception venue to make sure everything is set up for each activity, like pouring Champagne before toasts. So, it’s kind of an important role!

Do you need any legal qualifications to be an MC?
In short, no. There are professional MCs who do this for a living, but (unlike a celebrant) no formal qualifications are needed. Anyone who feels organised, confident, and personable enough to act as an MC for a friend or family member is legally allowed to go for it!

Who should you ask to be the MC at your wedding?
The perfect Master of Ceremonies should be well-known to the bride and groom, have the skills to confidently lead the crowd, be an excellent public speaker, and possess a strong voice and witty personality. Often, the best man or maid of honour fits this role. Alternatively, many reception venues provide a staff member to take the responsibility.

Tip: If none of your close pals fit the bill, you can hire a professional MC or ask your DJ to fill two roles.

Master of ceremonies

What do you need to give your Master of Ceremonies?
Ahead of the event, the MC should be given a run sheet, key contacts, and a list of speakers, with their order and a brief background. Ideally, they will all meet so the MC can become familiar with them and understand how they fit into your story.

Furthermore, the MC needs to know who to talk to regarding music management and any other audio/visual requirements throughout the event — such as cuing musicians or DJs before special moments like the first dance. Basically, they help ensure the newlyweds can enjoy their moment rather than stressing over logistics.

The Master of Ceremonies’ speech
The role of the MC is twofold — they kick off the speeches in a positive, upbeat manner and then ensure the transitions between other speakers remain efficient. This keeps the whole reception flowing. It’s important any remarks by the MC are kept clear and brief. Their role is not to hog the limelight, overshadow other speakers, or generally elongate the speeches portion of the event.

A final tip to pass on to your chosen MC
Congratulations — being an MC at the wedding of someone close to you is a tremendous honour! We know you’ll do a spectacular job if you follow the steps above. Our last piece of advice is to make a great first impression. Choose your outfit in keeping with the couple’s desired tone or theme. Introduce yourself and the event confidently. Make sure everyone knows who you are and why they should listen to you. Speak clearly, keep your body language positive and open, and make eye contact.

And finally, try to relax and enjoy the wedding too!

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