Amazing Locations and Venues for a Tropical Destination Wedding

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tropical venues

‘Tropical’— a word evoking ocean breezes, clear blue water, palm trees, sandy beaches and lush, brightly coloured flowers. It’s easy to understand why you might dream about getting married in the tropics; nature has done most of the decorating for you. The world has some amazing places to choose from for your tropical destination wedding and many are within easy reach of Australia.

The islands north of Australia boast some of the most breathtaking and unique scenery in Asia, along with the colourful flair of traditional architecture and fashion. Do you want to ride on an elephant instead of in a limousine? Do you want to dine on the beach in a grass-roofed hut as the moon rises?

Bali has always been a favourite for honeymoons, but many couples are deciding to take the whole wedding there, and with good reason. The scenery is beautiful and the beaches and resorts are top-notch, offering a wide selection of Bali wedding venues and packages to choose from. Another great choice would be Langkawi in Malaysia. It is a large collection of islands with scenery ranging from tall, misty mountains and winding rivers to golden beaches framed by palms. It is truly an island paradise, and it’s a bit less mainstream than Bali. These islands are wonderful for any type of wedding ceremony, from a traditional western wedding to a Thai Buddhist or an ornate Balinese ceremony.

Oh, the ‘Islands of Love’, with scenery so romantic that it has inspired poetry. The Maldives have long been thought of as the ultimate tropical getaway, especially for honeymoons. Why not make it your ultimate tropical wedding locale too? There are literally a thousand islands there, with only about two hundred or so permanently populated. That means you can find a beach to stroll arm-in-arm without curious eyes. With the proper paperwork and a legal ceremony before leaving home, you can have the private tropical beach wedding and honeymoon of your dreams.

tropical wedding venues

Mauritius is another extremely popular tropical tourist destination, and has been hosting destination weddings for years. You’ll find no shortage of wedding venues and packages, and despite its popularity, it still retains the kind of heavenly tropical atmosphere that takes your breath away.

There are many Pacific Islands to choose from and despite their differences, they all retain that wild spirit that has made them famous. Volcanoes, Polynesian dancers, tall ocean waves and lush scenery attract many couples to the paradise islands of the Pacific. Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii are among the most popular for destination weddings.

tropical wedding venues

Weddings in Fiji are so sought after that many resorts have their own wedding chapel, and with good reason. It is only four hours flying time from Australia, and English is widely spoken. There are so many great resorts and venues here that your tropical wedding can be anywhere on the scale, from a simple barefoot ceremony to an extravagant Fijian wedding — or anything in between.

Tahiti is made up of over one hundred islands and atolls, with hidden waterfalls and secret lagoons. Some islands are more private than others, and many resorts offer the unique experience of sleeping in an over-water bungalow, which will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Of course, Hawaii is an option with plenty of fun and excitement. Here, you could have a wedding like you’ve seen in the pictures. Embrace the island culture with Hula dancers, flower leis, and ukulele music at whatever venue you choose. After your wedding, you can spend time together surfing, snorkelling, hiking or just laying on the beach with fruity drinks.

There are so many tropical venues for destination weddings to choose from; it’s almost as much fun learning about them as it is visiting!

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