Extreme and Adventurous Destination Wedding Locations

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Weddings are always special, but when you throw a destination wedding into the mix, it is often a unique experience for the couple and their guests. If you are the sort of couple who really want to turn tradition on its head and bring out your adventurous side, check out some of these more extreme and adventurous destination wedding locations.

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If you’re a total animal lover and appreciate the wonderful views of the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour itself (who doesn’t?) –  Australia’s Taronga Zoo might just be the adventure destination for you. The Taronga Centre has various function rooms and wedding packages include catering by the Compass Group’s top-notch restaurant services team to make your special day a dream. These guys get bonus points for giving us beautiful shots in the Taronga Zoo aquarium – swoon worthy silhouettes for days.

adventure destination wedding

Seal Cove- Taronga Centre


Winter weddings Down Under can be amazing (and often, still above 20°), but if you’re more of a winter bunny and keen to get out of your comfort zone, consider Whistler, Canada. A bit of a trip but totally worth the travel time, Whistler is a perfect snowy oasis for couples looking to say “I do” in the knee-deep snow before beginning a magical snowboarding, spa-filled honeymoon. Bride’s, your dream of being an ice princess surrounded by enchanting forest scenes can be done! But it’s strongly advised you wear thick boots or Uggs, and maybe a faux-fur jacket for post-photo time. 

Adventure Destination Wedding Whistler, Canada

Anastasia Chomlack Photography

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Accentuate the romance and solemnity of your destination wedding by choosing a venue that takes you back in time. Full of old-world charm, Paronella Park was born from a Spanish expat’s dream to convert a slice of Mena Creek scrubland into a beautiful public park complete with a rustic yet majestic castle. The park has reaped plaudits for its environmental beauty.

Extreme wedding locations

Paronella Park


Getting married on top of the world can be a dramatic experience for a couple – especially one seasoned in adventure climbs. Early in 2018, an Australian couple made the vaunted trip and said “I do” surrounded by members of the Rotary Centennial Everest Expedition.To be a successful candidates, you and your beloved must be extremely fit and prepared for the treacherous conditions. If the top of Everest seems a little too tedious, a suitable alternative would be to climb to the South Base Camp, trust us – it’s just as impressive!

Extreme wedding locations

Mount Everest


If your significant other thinks a wedding is an “explosion of love,” why not pitch the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as a ceremony venue. Located on the large island of Hawaii in the State of Hawaii, the Park is home to the Kilauea Caldera and Mauna Loa, two active volcanos. The National Park Service requires that your wedding be an intimate affair, as safety is their main priority. The locations offer great views of the Kilauea Caldera, however it’s important to note that choppers are restricted. To arrange for your wedding to ­be held on top of the volcanos you will need to complete an application with National Park Service in addition to airfares, accommodation and civil registry obligations with the State of Hawaii.

With eleven incredibly unique wedding venues from all around the world to choose from, you won’t be stuck on ideas!

Extreme wedding locations

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park


Hold your wedding at a castle that carries a very unique and albeit dark history. Bran Castle, also known as “Dracula’s Castle” due to its depiction in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. The home of the infamous vampire, Bran Castle was in the possession of the Romanian royal family for years until seized by the Communists after World War II. A property restitution law passed in 2005 allowed the Habsburg family – one of the royal family’s descendants – to regain ownership of the castle and refurbish it as a tourist attraction and wedding venue. Castle Bran boasts imposing views of the surrounding Carpathian countryside and authentic interiors.

Couples seeking to book the castle for a wedding must undergo a thorough screening by the Habsburg’s to ensure financial capability and good moral character. If you pass, you’ll be in for a wonderful time, with a regal ceremony and reception prepared by the castle’s skilled staff.

Extreme wedding locations

Bran Castle


Thinking of saying ‘I do’ on ice? Maybe on top a glacier? Then Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska is the place for you. Home to the most prominent glaciers in the world, you’ll be floored by the stunning beauty of the mountain ranges and the pristine white of the glacier ice. The photos couldn’t be more unique, brides even go so far as to wade into the azure pools of melting glacier water – in their wedding dress. Note, it is a prerequisite to hire a helicopter to fly you to your preferred location. Work with a wedding planner so nothing is left to chance. 

Extreme wedding locations

Denali National Park


Be inspired by the saying “love knows not its own depth” and travel to the ocean floor aboard a luxury submarine for a truly unconventional reception. Operated by the Bridgetown branch of the private sub company Atlantis. The submarine has space for up to 48 guests treated to cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and champagne. The ceremony itself will be performed on the surface and the dive will take place after the photo shoot. Nothing is more exhilarating than taking your first dive together as a married couple! 

Extreme wedding locations

Atlantis Sumbarine


Why not add a cave to your never-ending list of possible extreme wedding venues? The Casa Cava at the Matera Sassi in Italy could be your dream location. The Casa Cava cave inside the Matera Sassi, was originally part of a tuff mine. The main ceremony area features a rock staircase as the entryway and a glass floor covers the cave’s rather uneven ground surface. There is also space for seating. All passageways and the ceremonial area are vividly backlit for added effect. Local wedding planners love to suggest the venue for civil rite ceremonies or the renewal of vows. 

Extreme wedding locations

Casa Cava


Seal your lifetime commitment from the comfort of an underwater protective cage – with a flurry of sharks surrounding the two of you! A brave couple in the United States lived to tell the tail … the couple, who were both experienced divers, sported custom wetsuits as wedding apparel and entered a cage at the Atlantis Marine World in Long Island. The tank was full of tiger and nurse sharks and the couple had full face masks with radio communications, allowing them to speak their vows clearly to an officiant just outside the tank.

Extreme wedding locations

Atlantis Marine World


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