tahiti wedding

Getting Married in the Islands of Tahiti

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tahiti wedding

Do you dream of having your nuptials overseas, saying “I do” barefoot in the sand with crystal-blue waters as a backdrop? Or would you prefer a discreet wedding ceremony in a chapel with dazzling lagoon views? Either way, Tahiti promises the perfect romantic setting to tie the knot.

What is often simply referred to as Tahiti is actually five groups of islands (comprising 118 islands in total) known as French Polynesia, officially still part of France. Tahiti is the largest of the Society Islands, which also includes Moorea and Bora Bora. The jaw-dropping beauty of the Islands of Tahiti is well known. Coral reefs abundant with exotic marine life protect shallow lagoons. Volcanic mountains are embellished with lush rainforests. Pristine white-sand beaches frame the Tiffany-blue waters. In other words, pure bliss!


tahiti wedding

Wedding celebrations and traditional vows can take place in any number of magical locations in French Polynesia, with Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti being the most popular choices. The team of specialist destination consultants at Tahiti Travel Connection is always delighted to assist in personalising your ideal wedding — from booking your flights, accommodation and ceremony venue, to arranging a photographer, make-up artist and anything else you desire to make your day special.

A number of the hotels and resorts in French Polynesia cater for weddings. Some couples choose to marry in true Polynesian style on the beach with music, dancers and colourful flowers, while others opt for a more intimate sunset beach ceremony with a marriage celebrant. Chapels are available too (including this overwater  option) for those seeking a touch of tradition.

tahiti wedding

The Islands of Tahiti also allow Australian nationals to legally marry, providing a number of conditions are met. For a legal wedding, you are required to have a short civil ceremony in the town hall of your choosing. The necessary legal documents must be sent well in advance, so make sure to plan ahead. Fortunately,  Tahiti Travel Connection can assist in coordinating all legal arrangements in French Polynesia on your behalf, making planning your destination wedding a breeze, and leaving you free to focus on each other and the celebration ahead.

If you want to celebrate a Polynesian-style wedding in paradise, Tahiti Travel Connection have just the package — at the stunning Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa. Your ceremony will take place in the most natural and wild part of the (lagoon islet) on the reef side, with the two majestic islands of Taha’a and Raiatea as the only witnesses. To find out more, give the team at Tahiti Travel Connection a call on 1300 858 305 or email info@tahititravel.com.au

tahiti wedding

For more information on a wedding in Tahiti, visit Tahiti Tourisme’s Australian website at: www.tahiti-tourisme.com.au


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