Conrad Bali launch luxurious bridal suites

In Bali Weddings, Beach Weddings, Planning & Tips by Ande Tongco

Getting ready for your big day doesn’t have to be stressful! With the Conrad Bali’s new bride and groom suites, couples are surrounded in the perfect environment as they get ready to say “I do!” Each of the three sets (named the Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire suites after Earth’s precious gems), come with an expansive family lounge and a glass meeting room for the final preparations.

The bridal suite is gorgeously decorated in beige and brown, a perfect setting of warmth and serenity for perfecting every eyelash and curl. And for the groom, a navy and grey suite – both modern and masculine – is the perfect place to prepare and relax before the big moment. Each suite has full-length mirrors, large wardrobes, safes, clothing hooks, and comfortable seating.


Conrad Bali Groom Suite

These lovely suites are near the beachfront, perfectly placed by the Infinity Chapel that has made the Conrad Bali famous. The Infinity Chapel not only floats two meters above sea level, giving guests the perfect view of the beautiful beach and ocean waters that surround the bride and groom, its reflective pools, marble walkways, 12 meter ceilings, and glass paneling evoke a heavenly beauty and intimate setting for the couple.

The Conrad Bali explains that their reasoning behind the expansive suites is to ensure that brides and grooms receive an extra treat, every essential they need, and the ability to relax and enjoy their wedding day instead of dealing with any stress or anxiety that preparing a wedding can cause. The general manager of the Conrad Bali, Andreas Justkowiak explains the resort’s goal in a simple statement: “Our aim is to provide a wedding celebration truly unique, allowing couples to realize their dreams.”  

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