Give Me 10 Reasons (to have a destination wedding!)

In Planning, Planning & Tips by Ande Tongco

If the idea of having your wedding at a local venue where other people you know have been married seems a little passé, why not travel to an idyllic locale for a fun destination wedding – either just the two of you or with a bunch of your favourite people? A destination wedding may seem extravagant but there’s a good chance it’ll save you money.

Destination weddings are a perfect way to stave off those Bridezilla tendencies you didn’t even know you had. Rather than micromanaging every minute detail yourself, many popular resorts offer a wedding coordinator as part of their packages who will tailor the perfect day for you. They’ll take care of every aspect, so all you’ll need to do is turn up and enjoy the day (oh and the stress-free months leading up to it!). And, If the resort itself doesn’t offer a coordinator, don’t stress – there are wedding coordinators here in Australia (and all around the world for that matter) who specialise in creating dream destination weddings and being a trusty wingman throughout your journey.