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Destination Wedding Invitation Inspiration

In Planning by Ande Tongco

Destination wedding invitations offer your guests the first peek into the look and feel of your special getaway, so it’s often worth putting in a little thought. Don’t know where to start? We’ve collected some of the best stationery for different wedding styles and locations. It’s time to get creative…

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Wedding Invitation Inspiration: A rundown

  1. Tropical Destination Wedding

destination wedding invitation

Get your guests excited by telling them to pack their bags and prepare for the ultimate overseas getaway! A bright, vibrant invitation with motifs of palms and exotic blooms and fruits will set the mood and really tap into that holiday vibe.

2. The garden wedding

Whether it’s back at home or overseas, a charming garden wedding is a gorgeous idea that really lends itself to super-sweet stationery. Water colour designs and fine, wavy calligraphy gives your wedding day a sense of ‘rustic elegance’ even before the festivities have begun.

3. A luxe, romantic destination wedding

Planning a big-city wedding or celebrating somewhere unique, like an intimate restaurant or art gallery? Embrace the colour palette de jour and opt for rich burgundy tones, teamed with a metallic accent. Go modern with an eye-catching pattern or style (think paint-brush slashes or a paper with texture), to make it feel luxurious.

4. The DIY Wedding Invitations

If you’re the kind of bride (or groom) who loves to get creative, these invitations might just be the perfect match for you. Watercolour illustrations and whimsical caricatures are popular right now, while cursive writing with a natural, ‘handwriting’ look keeps things classic.

5. The overseas destination wedding

Let your guests know if your dream destination requires an overseas or interstate flight by giving out mock boarding passes as a save-the-date for the special day. This is also a polite way of giving your guests enough time to block out a little work leave well ahead of the actual date!

6. A traditional invitation with a twist (literally)

Destination weddings are already a somewhat twist on tradition – embrace the unique-ness of your celebrations with an invitation that’s a little left-of-centre. We’re loving these super-cool origami-inspired invitations that fold out to reveal the message inside! It’s also a great way to get the excitement happening in the lead-up to your special day. ‘We’re going to….’ * unfolds invitation* ‘… Japan!‘, (or wherever you choose to tie the knot). A dramatic reveal like this is sure to impress your guests’ inner kids!

7. You’ve eloped! Now how do you let everyone know?

Sending a beautiful piece of wedding stationary post-elopement is a wonderful way of letting all your loved ones know that you’ve made things official. For a simple yet chic option, pick your fave pic from an elopement shoot and make the announcement short and sweet!