Who doesn’t love a romantic beach wedding? This couple certainly does! Brooke and Dessie gathered their family and friends for a beautiful ceremony in paradise at Fitzroy Island Resort. “It offered everything we wanted,” says Brooke, “a buffet option, late-night bar, a nice and relaxed vibe with a touch of elegance. It ticked all the boxes for us.” They were also able to spend quality time with their family and friends, with all of them arriving on the island the day before the wedding. “We actually got to spend quality time with them instead of rushing around and saying hello,” says Brooke. “It also meant that we got to really enjoy our day and night as a couple.”

Working with Fitzroy Island’s event coordinator and various vendors to transport everything they needed for their special day to the island, the couple was able to create the moment of their dreams.


“Walking down the aisle and seeing my husband-to-be standing there with the most amazing backdrop, it all became a reality that we were about to become husband and wife,” Brooke says.

The couple truly appreciated the comfortable nature of their beach wedding – and so did their guests! “Our guests kept telling us how much they loved our wedding and how relaxed it was,” Brooke says. Though that didn’t keep the party from being exciting. When their bridesmaid and groomsman joined the couple on the dance floor, their groomsman took over! “It was hilarious!” Brooke says. “The best man’s speech was also really funny.”

To top off their day, Brooke and Dessie joined their guests in sharing a delicious meal. “We were gobsmacked by the food,” says Brooke, when commenting on the quality of their meal. “The lamb backstraps were definitely a hit for us.” We are certainly envious of their feast.


The couple absolutely fell in love with their destination wedding, with Brooke saying, “It was absolutely more than I could have ever imagined, and I loved every second of it. So relaxing and it enables you to thoroughly enjoy your day with your friends and family! I never wanted it to end!”

The couple was then whisked away to enjoy themselves on a romantic honeymoon in Fiji. What a dreamy wedding and honeymoon!

The Details:

Ceremony and reception: Fitzroy Island Resort, Australia // Photography: Matthew Evans // Dress: Essence of Australia // Honeymoon: Fiji

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