Nearly eleven years ago I married the man of my dreams and we had our own version of a destination wedding – at a small town around an hour and a half from the city with 100 of our nearest and dearest, most of whom booked accommodation and made a weekend of it. It was wonderful. Rather than time with loved-ones, including international guests, being squeezed into a few hours, we got to enjoy the night before, the day leading up to the 5pm ceremony, and a fabulous brunch the next day before departing for our honeymoon. Many of you will take that to the next level, booking an overseas destination and enjoying quite a few more days before or after with your loved-ones.

The team at Graphic Publishing and I are so excited to finally see Great Destination Weddings released as its own full-sized, beautiful high-gloss magazine. Destination Weddings is one of the biggest growth markets in the bridal industry today, yet few magazines purely focus on this exciting wedding trend.





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