Real Life Wedding: Teegan & Leigh – Canada

Teegan Neilsen and Leigh Divertie had a majestic white wedding on 5 January 2014 in Whistler, Canada. They had their ceremony at Majestic Log Home, followed by a reception at Nita Lake Lodge.


How did you meet?

Leigh and I met at a crazy university party when we were both aged eighteen. He was dressed in an unattractive corduroy shirt but I thought he was cute and he helped me to rescue my phone that I accidentally dropped into an esky full of water.

Tell us about the proposal.

I awoke on Christmas day to open my present which consisted of a note saying that if I chose to accept the mission, I had to fill in some letters, which would reveal the clue to finding my Christmas present. Starting at 7am I dutifully found and filled in the letters, which by this stage led us to my parents place for Christmas lunch and the last remaining letters. While our family were opening up presents, Leigh gave me the last letters which revealed the clue “look for the blue star on the tree”. I was a little confused at first as looking at mum and dads Christmas tree the star was obviously silver! But when he said I should take a closer look, I found a sapphire and diamond ring sitting on top of the tree. I was dumbstruck and looked around to find everyone in their own little world, still opening up their presents. It was only when everyone realised we were hugging and crying that everyone else joined in the celebration. My dad was the funniest, while picking up the wrapping paper off the floor, he wiped a tear and commented “that was seriously cute Leigh”.140105_0055140105_0049140105_0156-2

Why did you choose Whistler for your wedding?

When Leigh and I were only dating for a year, we decided university wasn’t for us and we desperately wanted to travel. We decided on Canada and after spending four months on the east coast we packed up and headed to Whistler to work for the season. From the moment we arrived, we were in love with the place. In fact we were in love with everything to do with winter. Even then, when we were nineteen, we commented on how awesome it would be to have our wedding there. What a concept we thought, going for a holiday to our favourite place and tying a wedding in with it.140105_0108-2140105_0192140105_0233-2

What did you do for your hens and bucks?

I had a surprise hens thrown for me at my mums place, which was great fun and Leigh organised a boys weekend at Byron Bay. They were both chilled and relaxed which was great.

DIY details 

Due to the fact we had a destination wedding it was hard to do a lot of styling for the ceremony and reception. Thankfully my wonderful wedding planners, Rachael and Kerry from Sea to Sky Celebrations, delivered my vision to perfection. My biggest DIY project was my dress. Being trained in dressmaking myself I was adamant that I was NOT going to make my own gown. But after going to every single bridal store in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns and Townsville I gave up and decided to make it myself. I was very happy with the outcome.140105_0370140105_0394140105_0404-2140105_0433

Key styling inspiration

I drew my inspiration from the elements. Winter is clean and crisp, but at the same time you want to be warm and cosy. I chose ivory white and silver as my colour palette, but accented it with earthy textures such as hessian, wood materials, rocks and most importantly candle light to soften everything. I wanted everything to be elegant, warm and inviting.

What gifts did you give your guests?

One of my favourite stores in Whistler is the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. So each of our guests got an assortment of chocolate goodness.140105_0502140105_0539140105_0540140105_0577

What was the funniest moment of the day?

Leigh and I spent a lot of time writing our wedding ceremony together, so when it came to our personal vows we both had put it on the back burner as we were enjoying our time so much in Whistler. Come the morning of the wedding, we realised that neither of us had written our vows and were very quickly running out of time. So we both agreed that googling our vows was the best option. Would you believe that when Leigh was finishing reciting his second line I was having trouble holding in my giggles. When he finally finished he asked if we googled the same ones, and all I could do was nod as I was laughing and crying at the same time. Everyone in the room burst into laughter, while the marriage celebrant said, “I’m glad you two are both on the same page.”140105_0582140105_0607140105_0641140105_0692140105_0814

What is your most special memory of the day?

Due to the fact the sun goes down so early in winter, we had our photos before the ceremony. Leigh was waiting at the bottom of the wooden chalet staircase with his back to me. I was so nervous walking down to him, but when I got to the bottom and he finally turned to look at me, well let’s just say it was pure joy on both our parts.

What did you do for your honeymoon?

Leigh and I went to Hawaii on the way home to warm up and unwind. We weren’t too sure what to expect, but we loved it and will definitely be going back in the future.140105_0966140105_1010140105_1072-2140105_1151140105_1248140105_1267140105_1336

Special thanks to…

Our photography team, Karen and Tim from Tallevi Studios were amazing. They knew exactly what we wanted, were incredibly friendly and most importantly, took the most amazing photos. My makeup and hair artist, Christina from Red Carpet Ready was absolutely gorgeous. She was so fun to be around and did an amazing job. Finally, my wedding planners Rachael and Kerry from Sea to Sky Celebrations who delivered my vision to perfection.

What advice would you give other brides-to-be?

My biggest advice is to enjoy your day! There is usually so much family politics as to who you should invite to your wedding. As far as Leigh and I are concerned, invite who you want and not who you feel obligated to invite. Also, don’t be afraid of a destination wedding. Our theory was that we got to celebrate with family and friends for a whole week, not just a few short hours.140105_1357140105_1364140105_1391140105_1395140105_1412140105_1413140105_1421140105_1629140105_1645

Photographer: Tallevi Studios

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