Real Life Wedding: Nadja & Peter – Bali

Nadja Sumter and Peter Coquillard married on 9 August 2015, having a ceremony and reception at Villa Atas Awan in Ubud. For this couple who bonded over travel and their love of life abroad, a destination wedding was a fitting option to celebrate their nuptials.

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Why did you choose a destination wedding?

I wanted to elope but Peter convinced me that a destination wedding would help keep the wedding party guest numbers small. I also liked the idea of an adventure abroad!

Why did you select that venue?

When we first met we bonded over our love for travel and our desire to live abroad. Peter spent six years designing and working to build us a home and future in Bali. We hosted our wedding in the place we’ll eventually call home.

How did your guests react to you choosing a destination wedding?

We invited around 150 guests. Overall we received a lot of replies saying, “This is going to be my one epic holiday of the year!” or “I can’t wait, I’ve already booked my hotel.” Guests who had never been to Bali before were thrilled to have an excuse to visit.

What is your favourite memory of the day?

One of my favourite memories is the ceremony. We received Balinese blessings from a local priest… which was magical. I have another memory of being on the dance floor and looking over to see some guests moving the pillows to the edge of the pool to create a lounge area for everyone to relax in. I waved and they waved back at me, and I was so happy at how at home they all looked.

What style did you base your wedding decorations on?

We went for a combination of bohemian and traditional Balinese style. Our ceremony was held on the lawn at sunset and guests were seated on plush cushions, which later doubled as seating for the low tables at our reception.

How did your coordinator help you?

Katrina went above and beyond for us and coordinated everything seamlessly. I trusted her opinion and she was absolutely incredible. We planned things from afar but she transformed our ideas into reality. Our vision was to have low tables at the reception, and when we found out we couldn’t hire them she organised to have them made for us.

What was the best thing about having a destination wedding?

Taking people out of their comfort zone to a faraway place creates a closeness that you just don’t get throwing a wedding at home. Everyone keeps asking about the reunion trip!


Guest stayed at several hotels, mainly Chapung Sebali, Warwick Ibah, and our home

Bridal gown

Elizabeth Fillmore

Wedding coordinator

Katrina Simorangkir, Bali Villa Weddings & Events


Nyree McKenzie

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