Real Life Wedding: Lauren & Adam – Thredbo

Adam Nicholas and Lauren Sutherland became husband and wife on 15 March 2014. The ceremony was held at Mary Mckillop Chapel in Thredbo, New South Wales, followed by a celebration at Cuisine Restaurant in Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa.


Why did you choose a destination wedding?

We wanted all the people we love to have a well-deserved holiday. Plus, we also wanted a gorgeous place we could return to for anniversaries.gB-PSuUVydV5I2tiig2JNUzvFH6u6TV4wx56OtzYS5M1_2uvSNczIC3QsnCZhxHJe1GbiuDXmPUU2H6ocM3g0MnJjVJgePSbApz7Jz5TPuINB8Kiou9gIo6_zKHKiwLqw0ARCGl66HgpDnHf-2ND-uUVO_gfugZcNQDgBbdcs5pI

Why did you select that destination and venue?

We chose Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa due to its scenery and location – as it’s approximately half way between our families in the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria.aaDethjkxAY0yHyQORQSI4ABmwwvHILRxLYTSpNK5G_Ro85qK-y2TwfF63dlTAxFfSvfXHt5zozPNIUlv-yYLvNY

Did you have guests attend and, if so, what was their reaction to a destination wedding?

Everyone reacted well. Accommodation was in chalets so we suggested sharing with guests they knew.ab

What is your favourite memory of the day?

The weather was sensational for the ceremony. I’ll never forget Adam’s smile as I walked down the aisle. It was the best day of my

What was the best thing about having a destination wedding?

It felt like it was longer than a few days and there was no rush to head off to a

What theme or style did you base your wedding decorations on?

I made all the decorations, bouquets, hairpieces and jewellery. The theme was inspired by my bridesmaids dresses and burlap runners. I wanted a mix of country-style and elegance.

How did your wedding coordinator assist you?

Jo and Amy from Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa Events ensured the whole day ran smoothly.aeaf

Did you honeymoon in the same location?

No, but we plan on going back there to celebrate our anniversary. We camped on Fraser Island for our honeymoon.

What’s your best piece of advice for a couple planning their own destination wedding?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it’s your day and the staff are there to help you. We only visited the venue once, then again on the actual day – I think this was beneficial as it meant we didn’t overthink how the day should run.


Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa Chalets


Adrian King and Julian Lumb from T8 Photography Canberra

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