Surrounded by 40 of their closest friends and family members, this Cairns couple became husband and wife at the beautiful Fitzroy Island Resort on the 8th August 2015.

“Our guests were very close family and friends so they were happy to travel for our big day.We gave plenty of notice so they had time to save up money, as the majority had to fly there. Everyone commented on how beautiful the island was and how much fun they had at the wedding.With a destination wedding, it’s important to be organised and know exactly what you want as it’s harder to communicate due to distance.”

Why Fitzroy Island Resort?
“Ben and I had one of our first dates on Fitzroy Island and it’s also where we first said ‘I love you’, so it holds special significance for us. We visit there regularly because it’s so romantic and you literally feel like you’re in paradise.”

Wedding Styling
“Soft and romantic with white and pastel-pink hues and lots of candles.”

The Dress
“It’s a Peter Trends gown from Irene Costas Divine Bridal. After a very long search I finally found the perfect dress just two weeks out from the wedding! It needed some alterations but the store staff were very accommodating and had it altered for me in record time.”

Best Photo Locations
“We had photographs taken on a quiet stretch of beach and also nearby in the surrounding rainforest. You pretty much can’t take a bad photo anywhere on Fitzroy as the entire island is beautiful.”

Special Memory
We really wanted an outdoor reception, so Foxy’s Bar & Grill was perfect for us. I remember watching the sun setting as I was sitting in Foxy’s alfresco area surrounded by family and friends, with a cocktail in hand and my husband by my side.”

Advice to Brides
“Don’t leave home without… your husband-to-be!”

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