Real Life Wedding: Amber & Kebrasca – Rarotonga

Amber King married Kebrasca Ratima on 19 September 2013 in tropical Rarotonga. The couple held their ceremony and reception at The Edgewater Resort & Spa.


Why did you choose a destination wedding?

We wanted a relaxing holiday and a low-key, intimate wedding all in one.

Why did you select that destination and venue?

We chose Rarotonga because we had heard wonderful stories of couples getting married there. The Edgewater Resort & Spa was our choice of venue because it offered great wedding packages and provided excellent service.IMG_4780

Did you have guests attend and, if so, what was their reaction to a destination wedding?

Our guests loved the idea of a destination wedding as it gave them a chance to relax and spend time together.IMG_4865

What is your favourite memory of the day?

Our favourite memory was seeing the wedding of our dreams actually come to fruition. We wanted a low-key, intimate wedding with our closest friends and family in a beautiful setting that was stress-free.IMG_5109

What was the best thing about having a destination wedding?

The best thing about having a destination wedding was being able to have fun with friends and family leading up to the wedding day. It’s hard to be a bridezilla on holiday!IMG_5093

What theme or style did you base your wedding decorations on?

We had a simple white theme with splashes of yellow frangipani’s. There’s no need to go overboard with a theme and styling when the island itself is so beautiful.

How did your wedding coordinator help you?

Heather Rorani from The Edgewater Resort & Spa was great to work with. We organised our wedding with her via email before we arrived in Rarotonga, and she was happy to make any last minute changes to ensure our perfect day.IMG_5145

Did you honeymoon in the same location?

We’re yet to have our honeymoon, but hope to return to Rarotonga this year for a romantic getaway.


The Edgewater Resort & Spa, Rarotonga


Toaki Okano
(one of New Zealand’s best photographers and a close friend of ours)

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