Real Life Wedding: Alison & Rob – The Coromandel

Alison Pavlovich and Rob Willetts married on 22 February 2013 at Whangamata Beach, followed by a reception at Whangamata Golf Club in The Coromandel, New Zealand.


Why did you choose a destination wedding?

Whangamata is a stunning location and it’s always been a special place for us, so there wasn’t really anywhere else we wanted to get married. We also knew a lot of our friends had great memories of Whangamata and would enjoy a long weekend there.

Did you have guests attend and, if so, what was their reaction to a destination wedding?

We had just under 100 guests; some travelled from overseas. All our guests had a great time holidaying and celebrating with us. They all loved the beach and the relaxed atmosphere of Whangamata. A few that had never been there before can’t wait to go back.rlw-1What is your favourite memory of the day?

Walking through the dunes with our daughter and seeing our friends and family gathered on the beach with my husband-to-be and sons. Another special memory is our two older kids (aged four and a half, and almost three) doing sand angels in the sand and giggling loudly before stripping down to their undies to go for a swim. They were still in their undies in the group photo! rlw-3

What was the best thing about having a destination wedding?

The best thing was that it felt like our wedding lasted longer than one day.

What theme or style did you base your wedding decorations on?

We kept it fairly simple and elegant. Our reception tables were coordinated with the bridesmaids dresses and decorated with fairy lights and organza in fish bowls. rlw-4

Did you honeymoon in the same location?

We stayed on in Whangamata for a week after the wedding with our families, but plan to honeymoon in Rarotonga later this year.


Our holiday home in Whangamata


Linda Herraman, who was just fantastic!

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